Personalized AR Instagram Filters as a Powerful Marketing Tool

Using Instagram for marketing is becoming increasingly popular in extending the scope, popularity, and exposure of several businesses. Instagram can be your most helpful tool, particularly if you mastered the art of taking advantage of its business tools rather than using the platform as a social platform alone.

Instagram has catered to over 1 billion active users per month in its nine years of operation, consisting of 25 million company accounts. Instagram is not only for looking at picturesque uploads but also for discovering new products and making transactions.

One of the popular features of Instagram, augmented reality filters, has steadily increased in popularity as a marketing tool these years.

This article will discuss how Instagram becomes a powerful marketing tool and how it expands company visibility and attractiveness. We will also look into one of our clients' successful results as they applied Instagram filters into their marketing campaign.

Promoting Audience Interaction through Instagram Filters

Instagram is a booming platform for social interaction. But with the rise in popularity, many businesses have shifted their primary marketing campaigns and started using the platform.

It is mainly because of the broader reach of the social media platform to people, which improves brand loyalty, consumer happiness, likability, exposure, and credit-worthiness.

It has even become more of a powerful tool with the use of personalized augmented reality filters in Instragram Stories.

One of our customers created three personalized AR Instragram filters: Vintage palm, Retro glitz, and TV RADAR. These three personalized filters were uploaded in the the customer's Instagram page. Total views, after just 3 filters, turned out to be over 350 million, a crazy total view result.

Based on the data recorded, we can conclude that creating personalized AR Instagram filters catered for Instagram pages can help increase visibility and engagement of the page. These results came to fruition through long-term planning and continuous periodic publication of the three Instagram filters.

Hence, it is essential to note that although creating these personalized AR Instagram filters is an excellent marketing tool, it is equally vital to publicize these filters periodically with close monitoring. It can help track the rise and fall of social engagement within the Instagram page and provide insightful feedback on which filters are working better than others.

Wrapping up

Instagram and its AR filters can be the most useful marketing resources out there that you can use. Not only do you use its social networking services to boost the brand's exposure, but you can also use the platform to connect with various influencers and major players in your business.

Furthermore, the smart use of multiple personalized Instagram filters through periodic publication can significantly increase page engagement and visibility.