Using Instagram Filters for Election Engagement

The Presidential Election is a critical event that Americans experience every four years. People just cannot control their excitement that they run to social media to express their support. Since Instagram is the top player in the social media scene, it is no wonder that people post their election stories left and right. And with the recent release of AR filters, people are on a hype!

AR Filters in the Election

Recent developments have Instagram boosting the election fever with the release of new election AR filters. People were quick to get their hands on these filters to show their support to their chosen candidate or just to tell the world that they have been responsible Americans and cast their votes.

If you scroll through Instagram Stories right now, you will probably see many election engagements posts, especially for the current presidential candidates: Trump and Biden. You will also see unique Instagram election filters!

But now that voting is over, does it mean these filters will lose their charm? Of course not! Even when the election passes, that does not mean that the election engagement has ceased. The fever is still on, and the election results are always the talk of the town. Biden supporters are still upping their game, and with this kind of atmosphere, AR Instagram filters will still be hot commodities for US voters.

That is why no worries about being late because these filters are here to stay! Of course, if you are looking for more specific Instagram filters that show support like the stunning "Biden" AR filters, then you can quickly get them here.

Why Use Election Filters to Up Election Engagement?

As the fire of competition flourishes between the two presidential candidates, we cannot help but also get our blood pumping! If you are looking for the right moment and method to market to Biden supporters using AR Instagram filters, now is the right time. Take charge of the moment because using these AR filters to take advantage of the election hype will bring you:

  1. High engagement. With how advanced things are today and how active people are on Instagram, you will be left behind if you rely on passive engagement. With AR filters, you will knock off many of your competitors with special effects. The more unique your filters are, the move engagement you will get.
  2. Specific targets. Another thing that using AR filters is that you can target a particular audience. For example, today is the election season, so many people are clamoring on Instagram to express their thoughts about the election or their electoral candidate's support. It is high time for you to release AR election filters to target these people, such as the Biden supporters.
  3. Go viral. One significant impact of AR filters as successful marketing tools is that they can quickly go viral. People love to share things in their Instagram Stories! If someone says a chic and cool AR election filter, then expect that to go viral in a matter of minutes. If you are using this strategy for marketing, then you will have free advertising!


US Election Day is one of the most iconic events in the history of the United States and the world. Instagram, being one of the largest social media platforms, is full of people posting stories left and right. With this high engagement time, it will be an excellent opportunity to market to these people through AR Instagram election filters.