8 Ways to Implement AR in everyday fashion

8 Ways to Implement AR in everyday fashion

In the contemporary world, market competition has dramatically increased over the years. It requires specific efforts and strategies for designers and marketers to attract their target audience. Businesses need to offer value and captivation to their clients in order to get noticed in the mainstream. However, there is a middle way that most of us are not aware of. What if you get to know that you can win your clients over just through the power of social media?

 Global fashion is overshadowed by the reign of online shopping today. A new generation of consumers has emerged and newer rules for advertising and marketing are thus being introduced. Traditional marketing and advertisement strategies are posed with the challenge to distract the customer away from his smartphone and toward the product. This is a Herculean task in itself, as the number of digital buyers crosses 214 billion people in the world. This indicates that almost half of the internet users in the world are online shoppers.

The marketers, managers, and owners of any business ought to adopt a customer-centric approach. They need to observe newer market trends, customer needs, and preferences in the current era. Additionally, they must also identify present trends that can become their social media style and establish their word-of-mouth. Now, one might ask, what is trending right now? A digital trend called phygital is the current hot in the digital world. It involves the amalgamation of physical experience with digital reality to meet the needs of the customer. It is also referred to as Augmented Reality and incorporates your personal sales booster and shopping assistant in one package.

Augmented reality (AR) aids the whole selling process, from grabbing the client's attention through research and virtual brand experience to online purchases. Clients can perform a wide variety of functions such as changing their runways, living spaces, and wardrobe—all from the comfort of their homes.

The implementation of AR is linked with multiple advantages for your store. It can guarantee a conversion rate above 90%, wherein 56% of customers believe that AR gives them more confidence about the quality of products and services. Similarly, around 61% of the customers narrate that they have a natural inclination towards retailers with prior AR experiences.

The Boston Consulting Group reports that digital platforms have significant control over almost two-thirds of luxury purchases today. AR collaborations have proved to bore optimal results for a wide variety of brands. For instance, let's dive into the success story of Gucci. The brand launched its first-ever virtual shoe try-on activation on Snapchat and gained positive ROAS with an overall reach of more than 19m people.

It is essential not to limit AR to virtual try-on only. Virtual fitting rooms have also emerged in the contemporary era. For instance, Timberland makes use of a ‘magic mirror’ on his fan page in order to promote social shopping with AR.

AR comes with a huge list of possibilities for businesses and retailers.

Let's discover what you can do with AR!

AR Masks: 

Gone are the days when taking selfies was considered futile. The AR masks have enabled you to show off your new collection with virtual masks and Face Effects. It gives your customers a chance to become the face of your brand and carry your campaign further. Thus, selfies today are more powerful and can provide you with a customer experience like never before

Try-on Accessories:

Accessories depict the creativity that you add to your day-to-day lives. They add life to your wardrobe and can give a kick to even the dullest of outfits. So, try on your brand’s jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and so on, and forget the hassle of spending hours choosing the right accessories.

Full Body Try-on:

Imagine getting the opportunity to virtually try on clothes before purchasing them. The Meet Full Body Try-on is a revolutionary feature that can transform an outfit into its 2 and 3-dimensional representation and attach it to the customer's body. You can plan your outfits, accessories, and whatnot!

Outdoor Target Tracking:

Target tracking is a unique way to make your customers remember you through interactive offline-to-online ads. You can identify a specific image or point and activate the AR feature accordingly. It can include interactive murals, billboards, and posters.  

User Challenges:

You may indulge your users in various challenges to drive active engagement on different social media platforms. For instance, you may ask them to pose in new sunglasses or try to keep up with the increasing movements on the screen—the possibilities are endless. It will serve a dual purpose in the form of creativity and fun for the users and efficiency and engagement for the brand.


Games are a means of indulgence for people of all ages and demographics. You may design engaging and simple games to gain the prolonged attention of your users. It may include dress-up games, puzzles, or action superheroes.


The modern users of today want to hear you and be heard. It is wise to ask their opinions on simple situations by offering them polls and quizzes. You may ask them the most random questions, and they will surprise you back with unexpected answers.


The portal effect can serve as a powerful tool by transforming a simple location into a 360 degrees showroom. Just open your rear camera and let the user step into a digital world of reality!

Henceforth, AR is an efficient tool that can provide promising results for the fashion industry and businesses alike.

AR is a crucial advancement toward the refinement of fashion and shopping experiences. It tends to drive you to a new era of expanding markets and enhancing innovation. So, take a forward leap and step into the world of endless possibilities!