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The project includes:

-One personalized instagram filter:

1) 3D development of Eyelashes.
2) Beauty Features:
Face smoothing.
Eye concealer.
Light makeup.
Facial improvements.
3)Color grading of the scene to enhance the colors.
4)Grain Animation.

Why Your Brand/Personal brand Needs Instagram or Facebook AR filters ?

Increase Social Influence

Get more followers, more reach, more impressions – to use your AR camera effect, people must follow you first. Viral effect and easy shares improve social networks' performance too!


Keep Users Engaged

Increase your brand engagement by integrating camera filters to your marketing strategies to create a new unique brand world and strengthen brand's advantages in the actual reality.


Gain Brand Awareness

Users love to share AR experiences with their audience, and other people want to try the effect. Every time the effect has used, its name and its creator name are listed in the story.


Be in Trend

Augmented reality is not the future anymore, augmented reality is now! It's time to integrate digital data into a real life and build a gateway to the new way of brand engagement.



Interactive Way of Reaching Consumers

Evan Spiegel said “The camera is evolving from being a barrier, separating users from the world, to becoming an aperture, for users to explore the world.
"Carolina Arguelles elaborates upon the idea “While the past 10 years have been about social media marketing, the next 10 will introduce a new form of marketing — camera marketing.
People everywhere are exploring the world through their camera and want to create content on behalf of brands because it’s fun, useful, or relevant.”

AR Camera Effects - New Reality for Brands

Facebook says more than 1 billion people have used AR effects created on the Spark AR platform, including on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and Portal.
The most users are Gen-Z and millenials. Instagram now lets anyone make their own AR effects, and we’ll see more and more AR effects taking over Instagram Stories.
The viral nature of the Instagram masks gives exponential grow. I created "Never have I ever" in January, 2020, and by April, 2020 the mask have gotten 50 millions of views. Clearly, though AR effects television-sized audiences can be reached!

Ashley Instagram Filter

Ashley Instagram Filter