Virtual Try-On Filters

Advantages Of Augmented Reality Virtual Try-On Filters

There’s no doubt about it, augmented reality is the future.

For the younger generation, AR manifests itself primarily through social media and the use of virtual try-on filters made popular by the likes of platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

In addition to being a fun, creative and entertaining way to spice up one’s photos and videos, the benefits of an AR virtual try-on filter are plentiful for businesses looking to make use of the online marketing space.

As a marketing tool, it empowers consumers to engage with the product on a much deeper and more profound level. For example, customers are able to envision themselves wearing the jewellery of their dreams or the sunglasses of their choice thanks to the power of AR filters.

In doing so, potential clients are able to try-on products without having to leave the comfort of their home. For a business, this can lead to an increase in sales as products reach a far wider audience through the accessibility of smartphone technology.

Moreover, the innovativeness of an AR virtual try-on filter has also proven to improve conversion rates - that is to turn potential clients into loyal customers.

With AR filters spreading like wildfire on Instagram, businesses are able to attract more clients by offering a tailored experience for their service or product via the tool.

It not only boosts engagement by offering potential customers the chance to engage further with the product, but its far-reaching and endless capabilities also increase the likelihood that potential customers become real clients as they become more attached to the filter and what it has to offer.

It is clear that AR virtual try-on filters have multiple benefits for consumers and businesses alike. The innovative technology is still in its early stages and has a lot to offer both as a marketing tool and as a fun, virtual pastime for the generations to come.