Some brands and companies have long understood how the world of Instagram filters offers incredible advantages in making their products or brand known, Chiara Ferragni also boasts her personal "Selfie Qeen" filter.

One of the markets that can make the most of the potential of Instagram filters is certainly that of make-up. We Make-Up, an Italian cosmetic brand, has in fact created its own IG filter that allows you to try the new line of liquid Ever lipsticks.

In this way you can wear make-up on your face without having to resort to testers in the store. A surely very clever idea, already experimented years ago on Snapchat by Kylie Jenner with her lip kit and, in 2018, brought by the same also on Instagram. The world of make-up is not the only one to take advantage of it, companies such as Adidas, Gucci, Fercam have long developed their filters by taking advantage of the distinctive features of their logo or integrating them with their campaign communication.

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