Let customers see themselves in your eyewear

Stimulate sales with AR Virtual try-on filter for your best designs.

Everything is online today, but customers still hesitate to purchase when they can’t visualize themselves wearing your product. This is especially a problem for the eyewear industry because your product sits right on the customer’s face, and eyeglasses can be a big investment.
Descriptions and photos can’t give them a realistic idea of what wearing your glasses actually looks like.  

Eyewear Virtual try-on
Eyewear Virtual try-on

Eyewear Virtual try-on


The project includes:

  1. Development of one 3D eyewear;
  2. Up to 3 different texture of the same model;
  3. Integration of the 3D object within augmented reality;
  4. 24/h Dedicated consultant.
  5. Unlimited Revisions
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For projects involving the development of more than one eyewear model, please contact our support

The advantages of implementing augmented reality (AR) in your online store include:

Engage Your Audience

One of the biggest challenges on social media and anywhere on the web is engaging your audience. Now it’s easy.

Boost Your Sales

Getting your customers to visualize themselves with your product is an age-old sales philosophy, and it works.

Grow Your Business

AR supports the whole selling process, from catching the clients’ eye through virtual try-on to the online purchase. 

Augmented reality e-commerce integration:

AR (augmented reality) supports the whole selling process, from catching the clients’ eye through research and virtual try-on to brand experience and finally – the online purchase.