Beauty Instagram Filter

Advantages Of Having An Augmented Reality Beauty Filter For Your Brand

With Instagram taking full advantage of the use of augmented reality filters, more people are hopping onto the social media platform to check out how they would look with different eye colours, different eyelashes or even a nice lipstick.

However, the most widespread use of AR filters nowadays isn’t for virtual try-ons or character swaps, but for beauty.

A beauty AR filter delivers the promise of model-esque looks through enhancing and altering one’s facial features. It also creates a stream of never-ending opportunities for businesses and brands alike to better engage their online audiences.

Everyone from influencers to celebrities and models to casual users are habitually using beauty AR filters to enhance their personal stories. This social media ritual essentially means that the use of one beauty filter has the potential to spread like wildfire across Instagram, especially when picked up by someone with a substantial online presence who broadcasts such filters to an audience of millions, if not billions.

When an online influencer uses a beauty AR filter, fans follow suit. The phenomenon results in a proliferation of usage and user engagement with the same beauty filter making its way across Instagram to new markets and new users. This, in turn, creates plenty of exciting marketing opportunities for the brands behind the AR filters.

Online users simply testing and trying beauty AR filters already diverts traffic to a business and brings attention to a brand by means of shareability and online word-of-mouth advertising.

It also proves highly efficient in not only drawing a new audience through diffusing a brand, but the creative and innovative manner in which it is delivered keeps users engaged and interested in what that brand has to offer beyond the AR beauty filter.

A personalised AR beauty filter also means that brands can show off its personality and message through the use of customisation, which helps draw people closer to the brand while simultaneously targeting a specific audience interested in that specific brand or product.

As a result, businesses are able to pair beauty filters with brands and turn casual social media users, who experimented with filters for fun, into new consumers loyal to the brand.

It is clear then that, beyond the allure of a fun and interactive phone pastime, AR beauty filters are an effective marketing tool that can help a brand reach a new audience through the cycle of shareability and interactivity.