The Power Behind augmented reality

Using Instagram filters can increase the impact of your content! Filters can add something ‘extra’ to your content, and really engage your followers as it adds an element of entertainment.

Instagram filters are made possible through augmented reality technology (AR) which is a blend of reality and virtual environments, for example, AR has been used for Pokemon Go, Snapchat Bitmojis and filters, and video games. Instagram filters provide a way for influencers and brands

to promote their products or services and to enhance their interactive approach to their customers.

Not only is using Instagram filters fun - it can have a positive effect if you use them constantly as a brand or an influencer! The constant publication can increase your followers and boost engagement from your followers. For example, if you create a funky filter that is engaging and others begin to use it - it is essentially free advertisement!

Another method of using Instagram to the maximum is by understanding the Instagram algorithm and how it works. Instagram feeds are organized by the amount someone interacts with the account, how recently it was posted, and what categories a person tends to interact with e.g. food, fashion, or gaming posts.

So, if you use AR filters and your followers interact with it then your posts will appear more regularly and higher up on your follower’s feeds, as a result, they are more likely to see it and interact with the post! Also, the more frequently you post then the more often your photos will be interacted with by followers consequently making the most of the platform. This has been proven through frequent tests to be extremely effective!

There is so much experimental opportunity with AR Instagram filters, as you can use them for fun by adding silly elements to a photo, for beautifying a photo, adding a game to it, and much more! A popular option for brands is by using a filter so customers can try on their products. For example, if a hat company can create filters so the customer can ‘try on’ the hat from their couch. This is particularly useful for online-only brands, as many people will be wary of ordering without trying the item on first. But, many shops are not allowed to offer a try-on service due to COVID-19, as a result, many brands should start looking into AR filters to try and offer a solution to the issue.

Whilst continuously posting and creating custom filters may seem time consuming it is worth it! But, if you do not have the time then there are creators and AR managers to help you manage the content you create and form a social strategy for you. We offer this service if you are interested in boosting your social media strategy.

All in all, AR Instagram filters can really enhance how you interact with your followers and engage them more with your content. By using filters, your content can have a further reach and a more reliable following.