The exponential power of Instagram AR Filters

Sharing an Instagram AR filter is free. You do not have to have a viral Instagram filter like the Kylie Cosmetics lip kit filters to be successful. With such a small investment in the tool, almost any payoff is profit. Micro or "nano" influencers are becoming increasingly popular and powerful thanks to the publication of an instagram filter on their page, thus creating a stronger relationship with their community.

Gucci didn't have to target you or pay for your click. They simply put up a free filter on Instagram and let it do the heavy lifting. Someone who follows Gucci may find the filter through their instagram account, or someone unconnected with the brand could discover it while scrolling through available filters. Either way, once a picture is taken and shared using the filter, Gucci has effectively expanded their reach.

What's the power, will you ask me?
The power of Instagram filters rests in its ability to exponentially extend a brand’s exposure in a short period of time. One follower shares the filter and reaches several more of their own followers. Those users then share the filter with their followers. The pattern continues until countless people have seen or used the filter, plastering a brand’s name and social media account all over Instagram.